December 4, 2007

What a darling suggestion!

One of our lovely co-workers was recently reading through the UGLi suggestion box, and found this recommendation; "KDT should wear more revealing clothing. HOTTT." This nearly killed me. Thank you patron for your comments and honesty. I can assure you that the UGLi has taken your comments respectfully, but this is outside the scope of the library's services. However, Katie has graciously taken the time out of her hectic life to respond to the patron's suggestion. Thank you for your response Katie!

As a side note, please remember that the UGLi suggestion box is not a joke.


  1. If KDT and I were dating, I'd propose marriage via the suggestion box. As we're not, I'll just second the sentiment expressed in the aforementioned comment card.

  2. no, really, i think the wesbite is genius. and i agree with the comment card - show off your stack (har har). Love, SG

  3. Kate. I hadn't read the sign you were holding up in that pic until right now. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I checked the website. My reaction: "No way. ::type, type, type:: Oh. That was a joke." Oops.

    And then when I googled it to see what there was out there, if anything, regarding topless librarians, I found this interesting little article.

  4. so, Katie. approximately a year later, I am rereading this post courtesy of your 1-year-anniversary recap of favorites. i had not previously made the connection that you are the Michigan equivalent of RAE. O_O +29308743874653 cool points! Man.