August 6, 2008

Summer Time Warp

The library is quiet. There are a few people studying at tables or working at the computers. A librarian sits behind a computer at a desk. There is a middle aged man (Patron) sitting at a public computer.

Patron: (gets up from the computer he is seated at and slowly approaches the librarian) Excuse me, do you know what the date is?

Librarian: (looks up from the computer) Hello. Yes. It is August 5th.

Patron: (confused) I'm sorry did you say August?

Librarian: Yes.

Patron: (squints and shakes his head) It's August?

Librarian: (shows patron a calendar on the computer screen) Yes.

Patron: I missed my flight.

Librarian stares at patron with a commendable straight face. There is a long silence.

Patron: Huh. (pauses) Do you have a pay phone I could use? I think I need to make a phone call.

Librarian: I'm sorry, we don't have a pay phone. There is a pay phone on Liberty near Border's.

Patron hurries out the door. Librarian shrugs and goes back to looking up interesting things on the internet.


  1. wow. i know it's always harder to remember what day it is during the summer, but dang. i would have loved to see your straight face...

  2. I just LOL'd reading this at the reference desk. Obviously my straight face is less than commendable.

  3. P.S. Your associated metadata? Wove it.

  4. This librarian is laughing at her computer screen with a decidedly uncommendable face.