June 22, 2008

These children shall pass fifth grade

For those of you have not seen me kicking around town this week, I did survive my mission to _________ International Middle School. My favorite part of my time there was, believe it or not, not working in the library. It was hanging out with my sister. She is a fifth grade language arts teacher, and had her students as a final project write biographies on famous persons. The biographies blew my mind. Some of the facts were a little off. One student wrote that Eleanor Roosevelt was the "First Lady" to ever marry a president. Another wrote that when Truman dropped the bomb, "everything in Eleanor's body stopped working." My favorite was the following:

During the war Winston Churchill He became Prime minster. He was for England. At that time His grandFather deid. When the war ended Winston ChurchiLL sadly deid. I January 30, 1965. In Oxford england. they threw him in the river.

I made sure to buy some biographies for the library.


  1. This made me laugh my ass off. I then read it aloud to my dad and he was highly entertained.

  2. The author of this fine biography is one of the highest students in fifth grade at this fine institution, I'll have you know.