January 20, 2008

Shark Attacks and Internet Connections

Katie and I are in a course on digital libraries this semester. As you know, I have issues with the tangibility of the digital world. We recently read an article for class that attempts to make tangible the intangible nature of networks such as the internet. So, in the article this guy just travels around the world following broadband wires. This "hacker tourist" reveals to his readers all sorts of mind boggling things about broadband wires, the most mind boggling being that the broadband wires in the ocean have a "steel anitshark jacket" around them. I never had given any thought to the fact that a shark attack might tamper with my internet connection. Now I do. I was having trouble signing into facebook earlier today so I could play Scrabulous. I instantly thought "shark attack." (How many times have you thought about a shark attack threatening your Scrabble game?) Printers are slow today at the UGLi-- it's probably just another shark messing with the connection.


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  2. I'm just thrilled to read this. Not only the information, but your take on it is delightful too.