July 7, 2008

Why I am becoming a librarian

Today Katie and I were having a discussion about why we are becoming librarians. Katie suggested that we both make pie charts of why we are choosing this profession. I sort of ran with it, and then Katie helped me make this sweet pie chart.What are your nerdy motivations for your profession? Dear reader, assure me I am not the only nerd out there.


  1. You might recall the reason we got to this point was that I said "settling down and getting a kitten" was the #1 reason I got into librarianship.

    Via complicated graphing techniques, I realized this isn't 100% true.

    I believe we are equals in nerdiness, although my pie chart does not include cardigans.

  2. You need to submit this to http://graphjam.com/

  3. How'd you make that totally sweet awesome pie chart?

  4. mad library skillz, yo!

    (... powerpoint.)

  5. why i am:

    25% settling down and getting a kitten
    25% books
    25% teenagers
    25% old ladies who call on the phone and spend such a long time telling me about their deceased cocker spaniel who was ALSO named kricket that they forget what their question was in the first place, then call back 5 minutes later to tell me that they need wig mail-order catalogs.

  6. my reasons...

    40% = reference-related megalomania
    25% = I already wear a cardigan most days anyway
    25% = fear of PhD programs, and thus inability to become a "real" academic
    10% = secret desire to hang cat posters in my office

  7. I guess I'm surprised at the meager percentage you gave to cardigans, Em.

  8. My Reasons ...

    50% Books, books, books (I like to kick it old school)
    25% Cardigans (I could wear a cardigan every day ... That's just the way I roll)
    25& Because I LOVE to tell people where the bathroom is (I've accepted my fate. Word to your mother)

  9. Definitely agree on cardigans and chill workplace. But I also needed to find a certain "crazy cat lady approved career" and this seemed to fit the bill.