June 8, 2008

Welcome to Mafia's Media Center

I am in ___________ visiting my sister. She is a fifth grade teacher at ____________ International Middle School. Her school is a bit corrupt, but since I'm part of her family, they hired me to help them re-organize their media center. (Apparently it helps to have a family member on the inside). Wednesday night my sister tried to prepare me for what I was about to encounter.

sister: the books are a mess, they are just piled on the shelves and falling apart.
me: (trying to stay positive) well, books are meant to be used
sister: yeah, but not as roller skates

This did not prepare me for what I was about to encounter. On my first day at the school, my sister walked me down to the media center, past the old grandfathers who are paid to be full-time ____________, past oodles of screaming children, into a room turned totally upside down.

My sister left the room and the librarian told me he wished I wasn't there, that their library didn't really need much done. That was awkward. Then he told me that he doesn't really know what to do when kids ask him what book to read, so maybe I could just make a list. I said, "maybe I'll just put these books in order first", and got to it. He got on his cell phone. As I sat reshelving books, and he sat __________ on his cell phone, it became more aparent that there is a _________ being run out of the media center. This was confirmed when he yelled over to me, "Miss Emily, you go to the bathroom for a break now." Umm... I have since uncovered that the school is in fact controlled by the __________ mafia.

So I have become a library __________. I have been shelving for ______ days, _______ hours a day______. All while witnessing _________. There seems to be some major issues here. That is all I can say right now.



    Oh my GOD! *Please* take care of yourself! Stay safe!


  2. This stuff is hilarious, but you take good care of yourself...

  3. This would make a great movie. The young and beautiful Emily arrives at a seemingly innocent school to buck up a stale and tired media center only to run into resistance from the mafia...you should call HBO! Maybe it could be a Sopranos spinoff

    I smell an Emmy.

    Do take care.

  4. Be careful Emily! Is there a version of your Blog elsewhere without all the blanks?!?

  5. For a more detailed recap of the media center adventure, see me in person, probably at Ashely's next Friday after work.