October 18, 2007

Soliciting IPL questions

Emily and I share a class called Information Resources and Services (SI 647). In this course, we learn a variety of practical skills associated with reference librarianship.

One of the main ways we are gaining reference experience in 647 is by answering questions through the Internet Public Library (IPL). People from all over the world take advantage of the reference services provided by IPL's volunteer librarians (like us). Users ask questions for schoolwork, to satisfy their curiosity on a subject, or to settle bets. It's a really cool resource to those with internet access.

Sometimes, there is a dearth of questions available to us when we look to complete an IPL assignment for class. Therefore, I am asking for anyone reading this to consider asking questions on the IPL, which is used to train librarians in classes across the country (and maybe... the world!). It's a win-win -- we get to learn by answering questions, and you get the answer (or pointed to free internet resources which will help you learn more about your question).

Here is a link to the IPL:


And the "Ask a Question" Form:


Feel free to ask any questions about the IPL in the comments on this post, and ask away!

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