April 17, 2008

What you can really do with a library degree

Katie and I were in the office today avoiding writing our papers for Digital Libraries. Katie was paging through a book we recently found in the office titled What Else You can do with a Library Degree: Career Options for the 90s and Beyond. The book inspired her to perhaps switch her specialization to tailored and take classes that would enable her to become a private investigator. I was in sort of a tizzy and was feeling very uninspired, until Katie said, looking up from the book and at the computer screen at the introduction to her paper, "I wonder how many words I have already." My response, "200." Katie hit word count, "200!" The next edition of What Else You can do with a Library Degree: Career Options for the Internet Age will most likely list psychic.

I guess that librarians do need to be a bit psychic though. How else could we find the right source with so little to go on? (true example; student: "I have to write a paper about my passion." librarian: "what's your passion?" student: "War"... moments later the search/ student's passion is defined as American opposition to the Korean War).


  1. Your spot-on word count was seriously like the coolest nerdy thing ever.

  2. Can we PLEASE play this as a game? I thought I was alone in psychic-word-count talent.