July 30, 2008

The Typical Librarian (a Friendless Old Hag?)

My good friend Remigio recently forwarded me a comic that depicts the typical librarian in a slightly negative light:

This satirical commentary on our current political climate, where debate continues as to whether the use of torture will strengthen our national security, compares steep overdue fines meted out by librarians to the cruelest form of physical punishment.

Since we librarians generally have a sense of humor, I'm not going to argue with this representation.

But one "friendless old hag" to another, is this -
- the face of a sadistic state-sanctioned torturer?

Most likely. Steer clear of this one if you see her in your local library. Safety first, friend. Safety first.


  1. but do you realize that there is a Dr. suess picture behind your head? For some reason that makes your expression more sinister...