April 3, 2009

Plan C: Librations

I was recently browsing the encyclopedic section of The American Heritage New Illustrated History of the United States Volume 12 (published 1971) and I found this amazing picture of a bar that had been turned into a library during the Prohibition. This both made me infinitely glad that there is no Prohibition on, and got my wheels turning. Life Plan C is now to open a library that sells beer. We're calling it Librations. Emily and Katie: librarians by day, librarian/bartenders by night.

Any Happy Hour ideas?


  1. Em-

    Great idea....

    How about programs like a Tequila Book Worm Club or Chug a Chapter Reading Group.

    I think that they may be very popular on campus.


  2. That is a wonderful idea! If you need an extra shelver or bartender, let me know!

  3. Somehow, I think you need to COMBINE librations & metadater!!!!

  4. Dear UGLi Blog,

    I had a dream LAST NIGHT that I was a bartender in a library. It was a beautiful library - the kind with very high ceilings, shelves and shelves of books, tall windows with bright light, comfortable sitting chairs, side tables with desk lamps (picture the Boston Public Library, if you've been). I served beer on tap, wine, whisky, and other drinks AND looked things up in the card catalogue. It was awesome, like heaven. So, of course, I told my friend Jim about it and he sent me here, to your blog.

    I just want to say - I would love to work at your bar/library. It would be a Dream Come True. My skills include: Almost being an OB/GYN and knowing about Maternal & Child Health in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings. :) :) :)?

    Keep me posted! I'll at least come read & drink!


  5. Dear Jordann,

    Thanks so much for your comment. It's a pleasure to hear that Librations is entering the collective unconscious. We could definitely use a subject specialist in women's health - see you in our dreams!

    Keep in touch,