September 27, 2008

Nerds in possible like

Hey boy, why you didn't call me?
-The Blow

Lately, Katie and I have noticed on our ugliblog analytics that people in need of relationship advice are turning to google and landing on ugliblog. There seem to be a lot of people out there who need advice about flirting, flirt texts, flirting in Grand Rapids, flirting with librarians, good comebacks for flirting with nerds, among many others. Over the past three months, people have landed on ugliblog by searching over 20 different keywords dealing with the subject of flirting. In order to stay relevant to the needs and interests of our readers, I will now provide you with some innovative flirting advice (a special thanks to Katie and Greg who helped me brainstorm this system awhile back).

Scenario: You are at the bar. There is a rather cute person in the corner, reading a book. This person is so perfect that you may try to find them on Craigslist missed connections later. You look up from your crossword puzzle and stout, just as the person looks up from their book and i.p.a. You want to wink, but that's soooo 20th century. So go ahead, take those skills that you learned in the chat room and apply them to the bar. Throw that cutie a sign language winkey emoticon ;).

I hope that this helps those of you that are struggling with this whole flirting thing. Please note that flirting with emoticon sign language has never been tried by those who invented it, so the success rate is still unknown. Please share your success stories with us!

The secret about girls is that they want you to like them.
-The Blow


  1. Thank goodness you're such an expert on flirting! I'm glad ugliblog's doing its part to help all the lovelorn internet users out there. Perhaps now some enterprising nerd or geek will rise to the occasion and create a site where people who google flirting can find each other!

    I think our users have inadvertantly made a compelling case for METADATER. There is a clear dearth of options for those seeking flirting advice for first life via the internet.

  2. I think you should suggest this as a project for 501....Where would the red lightning bolts of communication breakdown apply in the Information Architecture of METADATER...(i think that sentance is a real sentence. I am not sure)

  3. Ha, thanks for making me smile, Emily. The smile is all the more amazing because I am sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport, and smiling there is almost an impossible task!

    That's a good tip, though. I'll have to garner up the courage to give it a go. Ooh, I'll practice signing emoticons in front of the mirror. In fact, I think it is time for a trip to the restroom to try it right now...

  4. I've never been any good and gang signs, so I think I'll leave the sign-language emoticons to the experts, but I'll definitely pass along this url 'cause all my friends are smart enough to enjoy this stuff. It's rich!